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The Real Estate Council PAC


Nearly every day, local elected officials deliberate on important issues that affect us and our profession. These officials wield tremendous power over our future. The Real Estate Council PAC (REC PAC) will be your voice when decisions are being made ... decisions that impact how and when our community grows and prospers ... decisions that determine if an idea or project is embraced or stymied. We are the collective voice of the commercial real estate profession.

Our mission is to promote development-friendly local public policy that benefits our commercial real estate profession and our community. Our success depends on your financial and personal involvement. Your action is important.

There are a number of issues that demand our attention. We worked diligently to ensure the new Fort Worth Transportation Impact Fee was balanced and workable for our commercial developers and the community. And we are actively involved in the fee’s implementation. Revenue from the fee must be used for roads and streets in a timely manner.

With your participation in our PAC, we will present a strong voice for reduced traffic congestion through improved and expanded roads and highways. We will make an impact with local elected officials regarding funding a regional rail plan. And, we will work to achieve a local tax and fee structure that is conducive to responsible development.
Simply put we must be prepared to say "yes" or "no" on behalf of our profession, with a clear, firm and unified voice. Your participation is crucial if we are to shape the actions of those that shape our future. Please join us today.

Who is the Real Estate Council PAC?

The Real Estate Council PAC serves as the political and public policy arm of the Real Estate Council’s more than 500 members who represent commercial developers and their legal, financial, title, engineering, architecture and construction partners. The goal of our PAC is to establish and maintain professional working relationships with Fort Worth and Tarrant County office holders who will vote in the best interests of our profession and who best understand and support long-term, responsible growth for our community. Your contributions to our PAC are used almost exclusively for donations to support local candidates and important municipal and county ballot initiatives (small administrative fees, including legal advisement are the exception). The public endorsement of candidates and ballot propositions originates from the PAC’s Board of Directors. PAC candidate endorsements are based on candidate meetings and interviews conducted by the Board. Currently, the REC PAC makes endorsements in City of Fort Worth and Tarrant County Commissioners Court elections. The Real Estate PAC Board members are the current members of the REC Board of Directors.


Candidate Policy Document

The Real Estate Council PAC Board meets with local political candidates as part of its endorsement process. Before meeting with the PAC Board each candidate receives our Candidate Policy Document. The Document summarizes the local policy issues important to our PAC, its members and the community. We believe candidates should have an opportunity to make informed and educated decisions about our profession. An enlightened discussion of the issues helps both the candidate and our PAC. Each candidate for the Fort Worth City Council will receive identical Policy Documents. Candidates for Tarrant County Commissioner will also receive identical Policy Documents that focus on county issues and Court elections. The Real Estate PAC Board members are the current members of the REC Board of Directors.


The Real Estate Council PAC endorses local candidates for political office The PAC also endorses (or opposes) ballot proposition initiatives. Endorsements are determined by the REC PAC Board. All endorsements are posted on the website.

Once a candidate is endorsed by the REC PAC, candidate campaign updates are posted on the PAC website so our members can follow the campaign as it unfolds.

If you are interested in contributing to the Real Estate Council PAC please click the button below.

Please be advised that it is illegal for a Political Action Committee (PAC) to accept any funds from a corporation or an entity that is part of a corporation. Please ensure we follow the law. If you have a question about contributing to our PAC, please contact Karen Vermaire Fox

Join the Real Estate Council PAC!
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