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Get Involved with REC of GFW & Join a Committee

Ready to take your involvement with REC of GFW to the next level? Join a committee and make an impact! We have several different committees in REC of GFW. Read on and find one that fits your interests and schedule.


Membership Committee

Chaired by Becky Orr, Alpha Testing

Do you love meeting new people? Is networking your jam? Then you should join the Membership Committee -- they plan and attend monthly Member Get Togethers, recruit new members, and help current REC members integrate into the council. They generally meet as needed and often before the monthly Member Get Together.

Programs Committee

Chaired by Mark Cundiff, Southside Bank

The Programs Committee meets monthly to plan and implement programs of interest and Fireside Chats. If you want to be involved on an active committee that is in the know about things we all need to know about and enjoy a good glass of wine, this committee is for you.

Government Affairs Committee

Chaired by Bowie Holland, Empire

This committee interfaces with the city and county to help create better rules and regulations related to the development of Tarrant County. They work closely with the REC PAC Committee, help conducts candidate interviews, and make recommendations for local elections.

REC PAC Committee

Chaired by Will Snider, Lowery Property Advisors

The REC PAC Committee works closely with Government Affairs to conduct candidate interviews and make recommendations for local elections. They also plan and execute one major PAC fundraiser held during the year. The committee meets as needed.

Community Affairs Committee

Chair Jeff Postell, The Post L Group email to participate in this committee.

This committee addresses how we can better assist our community, especially in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion, workforce development, mentoring, and commercial real estate development. The committee meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month. In the coming year, much of their work will be spent supporting the work of Jeff Postell's new non-profit, Building Pathways.


Cowtown Poker Run

Co-Chaired by Marshall Mays, Colliers & Blake Grable, Transwestern –

Join the fun and help plan and run the Cowtown Poker Run, one of our largest fundraisers. Committee meetings start about four months before the Poker Run, with a wrap-up meeting held after the event has been completed.

Tarrant County Commercial Real Estate Forecast

Chaired by Cannon Camp,

This committee assists with planning the annual Real Estate Forecast, finding speakers and sponsors, and carrying out all aspects of the Forecast. Committee meetings start about 4 months before the Forecast, with a wrap-up meeting held after the event has been completed.

Annual Meeting

Chaired by Ashley Tinsley, Evans Consulting and Construction

Love planning a fun party? Help plan and run the Annual Meeting held every spring. Committee meetings start about four months before the Annual Meeting, with a wrap-up meeting held after the event has been completed.

Scott Walker Memorial Golf Tournament

Chaired by Sally Glen Turner, Worth Commercial

The Scott Walker Memorial Golf Tournament happens in the spring of each year, and we need folks who like to golf or like to have fun to help with the planning and running of the event. Committee meetings start about four months before the tournament, with a wrap-up meeting held after the event has been completed.


Young Leaders Steering Committee

Co- Chaired by Trevor Gilley, Peloton Land, & Mitchell Parker, Net Lease

The YLC Steering Committee plans unique programs and events which will be of special interest to our Young Leaders. You must be under 35 to serve on this committee. The committee meets monthly to plan the Mentor Series, the Dodgeball Tournament, the Panther Den Competition, and The Breakfast Club. Each of these events has a subcommittee on which you can also serve.

  • Mentor Series - Helps plan the YLC Mentoring Series, which consists of 4 lunches and a happy hour featuring Industry leaders and pairs young professionals with mentors in the Real Estate Council.

  • Dodgeball Tournament -- Helps plan the YLC Dodgeball Tournament, which raises funds for good causes in our community.

  • Panther Den Competition -- Helps plan the YLC Panther Den - a charrette design competition for Young Leaders.

  • Breakfast Clubs -- Helps plan The YLC Breakfast Club, which consists of four breakfasts with interesting folks working in Tarrant County.


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