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The Real Estate Council PAC

A Strong Voice for Progress

Make your voice heard on local issues that impact our profession and community.

Join the REC PAC, the political and public policy arm of the Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth. We represent the interests of our diverse membership, including commercial developers, legal experts, financial professionals, engineers, architects, and construction specialists.


The REC PAC is dedicated to shaping the future of our region. We actively advocate for development-friendly local policies that benefit both our profession and the community. Together, we can make a difference.

Support the PAC

Your contributions support local candidates, municipal elections, city initiatives, and county initiatives. Endorsements for candidates and ballot propositions are determined by the PAC's Board of Directors, composed of REC Board members.


Note: It is illegal for a PAC to accept funds from corporations or corporate entities. Please ensure compliance with the law. For questions about contributing to our PAC, contact Karen Vermaire Fox at

PAC Activities

Advocating for the commercial real estate industry.

Supporting development-friendly policies.

Influencing decision-making processes.

Encouraging responsible long-term growth.

Building relationships with local officials.

Shaping the future through collective action.

Let's build a stronger community Together.

Join us in advocating for development-friendly policies, shaping our region's future, and representing the commercial real estate industry.

The Political Action Committee

The PAC Committee works to do two things -- raise funds for the REC of GFW PAC to use to support candidates and issues and interview candidates for various elected positions in Fort Worth, Arlington and Tarrant County.

- When they meet -

This committee meets as needed.

The Political Action Committee
is chaired by
Will Snider

Will Snider

O'Brien Right Of Way Valuation

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