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A Recap of REC of GFW's Second Real Estate Development Forum with the Fort Worth City Manager

Enhancing Fort Worth's Commercial Real Estate Development Landscape

The Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth (REC of GFW) held its second Forum with the City Manager, Assistant City Managers, and Department Directors on February 9 2024, continuing significant collaboration between city officials and real estate professionals. This forum was a response to one of REC of GFW's ten recommendations, reflecting the City's commitment to improving the development process in Fort Worth.

The meeting covered the following issues:

2:30-3:00 -- REC Recommendation Nine: "Heavy investment in HR retention efforts is needed to support and promote high-performing staff for the cultural shift towards problem-solving. Provide opportunities to advance within departments to avoid talent loss." 

HR Director Dianna Giordano shared a presentation about new related initiatives in place or in progress.


3:00-3:30 -- An Update on REC Recommendation One: "Expand the overwhelmingly positive trajectory within the Development Services Department to all development-related departments."

DJ Harrell, Ty Thompson, and Jerry Pressly provided a comprehensive update on recent changes and new training initiatives and input and examples were shared by audience members.


3:30-4:00 -- Discussion on REC Recommendation Three: "Resolve city’s internal process conflicts between departments and remove the expectation that the customer will find a way to resolve them on their own."

Attendees engaged in a constructive dialogue with city staff about issues that need to be resolved between departments.

4:00 - 4:30 -- Update from Oncor  

Will Jordan shared an update from Oncor about the work they are doing, future planning, and ways to work more effectively with Oncor.

You can find more detailed information from the presentations by checking out the PowerPoints below. But here is one slide you don't want to miss.

Beneficial Resources

PowerPoints shared during this meeting can be downloaded here -

CoFW - Real Estate Council Forum 20240209
Download PDF • 1.53MB

Oncor - Real Estate Council Forum 20240209
Download PDF • 477KB

Building on the success of the our first two Forums, the Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth and the City plan to continue these meetings. Fort Worth's real estate community and the City have already demonstrated their commitment to progress by achieving a significant milestone in cutting down building permit timelines by two-thirds. This accomplishment reflects the positive outcomes achieved when the public and private sectors work collaboratively. The Real Estate Council is thankful for this partnership with City Manager Cooke and all the staff members at the City.


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