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Call for Nominations for Annual Meeting Awards

Call for Nominations for Awards Presented at the Annual Meeting

Thursday, April 13

We are now taking nominations for Outstanding Young Leader, Susan A. Halsey Founder's Award, Danny Scarth REC Impact Award, and a new one this year, City Staff Award.

SUSAN A. HALSEY FOUNDER'S AWARD -- The candidate must be someone who exemplifies the mission of The Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth which is to be a unified voice for the commercial real estate industry, influencing action and supporting change to accomplish long-term job growth and enhance the quality of life in the Greater Fort Worth area.

DANNY SCARTH REC IMPACT AWARD -- The candidate must be someone who has provided stellar, impactful support and dedication to The Real Estate Council over the past year (or years).

OUTSTANDING YOUNG LEADER -- The candidate must be a REC Young Leader who has made an impact within our organization and/or within the Fort Worth real estate community.

CITY STAFF AWARD -- This candidate is someone who has provided over-the-top service for the past year and works for either the City of Fort Worth or the City of Arlington.





Haley Frieler

(262) 313-7762



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