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Celebrating Innovation: The 2024 Panther Den Urban Design Competition Winners

The 2024 Panther Den winners

From left: Robert Sturns - City of Fort Worth (judge), Shannon Bearden - Tryba Architects (judge), Annie Hayes - VLK Architects, Molly DePuma - Huitt Zollars, Connor Boyle - TCU, Quantez Thomas - Texas Rangers Baseball, Ashleigh McDonald - Valliance Bank, Santiago Aguero - Pape-Dawson Engineers, Osaro Obayuwana - Fort Worth Housing Solutions, Lillie Biggins - former president of Texas Health Resources and former resident of Butler Place  (judge), Andy Taft - Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. (judge), Mary-Margaret Lemons - Fort Worth Housing Solutions (judge).

On February 1, the Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth launched The 2024 Panther Den Urban Design Competition, culminating in a showcase of exceptional talent on February 29. This event spotlighted six teams of dynamic young professionals and students, all vying to reimagine the Butler Place Site with their innovative proposals.

Butler Place - the site of the 2024 Panther Den Urban Design Competition

This event underscores our commitment to nurturing innovation and leadership within the Fort Worth real estate community.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved - from the dedicated planning committee and insightful expert panel to the esteemed judges and all the spirited competitors.

And the Winner Is... Team 5!

The site plan from team 5's presentation "Butler Hill"
The site plan from Team 5's presentation "Butler Hill"

The highlight of the event was the announcement of the winning team, and it is with great pleasure that we congratulate this team for their outstanding proposal.

Santiago Aguero - Pape-Dawson Engineers

Connor Boyle - TCU

Molly DePuma - Huitt Zollars Inc

Annie Hayes - VLK Architects

Ashleigh McDonald - Valliance Bank

Osaro Obayuwana - Fort Worth Housing Solutions

Quantez Thomas - Texas Rangers Baseball

They showcased exceptional teamwork, innovative thinking, and a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by the Butler Place Site.

A Special "Thank you" to our Judges

The 2024 Panther Den Judges Panel - Mary-Margaret Lemons of Fort Worth Housing Solutions, Andy Taft of Downtown Fort Worth Inc., Robert Sturns of the City of Fort Worth, Shannon Beardon of Tryba Architects, and Lillie Biggins former THR President

... And our Sponsors!

The 2024 Panther Den Sponsors

Check out the photos from the event!


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