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City of Fort Worth Launches New Division Geared Toward Small-Scale Developments

Small-Scale Infrastructure Program staff members include Jenna Lynn Henderson, PE, PMP; Blanchet Dimonekene, EIT; Evelyn Roberts and Victor V. Tornero Jr., PE.

Originally published by the City of Fort Worth on April 14, 2024 at

The Development Services Department of the City of Fort Worth in April launched a new program called the Small-Scale Infrastructure Program (SSIP)

This innovative initiative aims to support the City’s development community by optimizing the design, review, and construction timelines for developer-funded, small-scale infill development projects. The purpose is to enhance the City’s infrastructure with cost-effective, efficient, customized solutions.

“We are thrilled to introduce this program,” said D.J. Harrel, director of Development Services. “It will not only streamline processes but also generate significant time and cost savings. This innovative option will serve as a valuable resource for our small businesses and other entities seeking to undertake smaller-scale public improvements to foster development.”

The SSIP program includes design and plan production facilitated by the City, as well as construction administration and oversight to ensure the successful installation of community facilities. The services currently through the SSIP are streetlights, pedestrian lights and incidental scope, including driveway apron construction, sidewalks and other concrete flatwork.  Future phases of the program will include additional services like water/sewer services and extensions, incidental drainage, roadway improvements and landscaping.

The services offered are tailored to small-scale construction projects and will include:

•         Client service management

•         Project planning and development

•         Design phase services

•         Procurement and contract management

•         Regulatory compliance and permitting

•         Funding and financial management

•         Construction management

•         Community engagement and communication

“This program is just another example of the City of Fort Worth’s pursuit of innovative initiatives,” said Ty Thompson, assistant director of Development Services. “The SSIP will provide a necessary service, supporting small businesses and infill development alike.”

The easiest way to apply for the SSIP services is through the online permitting system, Accela, or in person at City Hall.

Learn more about the SSIP via the button below -


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