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Letter of Support: 2022 City of Fort Worth Bond Package

REC's Public Affairs Committee has spent the past decade addressing issues that affect development. On May 17, 2022, REC of GFW wrote the following letter of support for the 2022 City of Fort Worth Bond Package:

Mayor Mattie Parker Councilman Carlos Flores Councilman Michael Crain Councilman Alan Blaylock Councilwoman Gyna Bivens Councilman Jared Williams Councilman Leonard Firestone Councilman Chris Nettles Councilwoman Elizabeth Beck City Manager David Cooke ACM Dana Burghdoff Dear Mayor Parker, Council Members, David and Dana: The Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth supported all five propositions of the 2022 City of Fort Worth Bond Package election and encourage support of this package to its membership and the public for passage. In fact, since the creation of REC of GFW in 2005, we have supported every City bond package election both financially and as advocates. We are delighted all five measures passed. As we move forward with the 2026 Bond Package, it is our hope that the package will be proactive and not reactive. We strongly feel that a bond package should not be used for maintenance but instead for future planning needs to better build our city. We know the city budget may need to be reviewed to account for maintenance and we are requesting consideration of the Herchert Report and the idea of a road and street maintenance fee. The Real Estate Council is also requesting that local firms invested in Fort Worth be utilized as appropriate for bond package projects. As members of the commercial real estate community, we are here to serve as resources and assist with planning for future bond packages. We look forward to partnering with you on planning for the future of our great city. Sincerely, Kenneth Barr, Chairman REC of GFW Joel Heydenburk, Chair Elect REC of GFW

To learn more about the 2022 Bond Program, click here.


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