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Project 1012 - Redesigning the Design Competition - Nov. 9

Project 1012 - Redesigning the Design Competition

Wednesday, November 9 | 12:30 - 1:45 pm

While planning our architect and design selection process, we have spoken with hundreds of individuals in an effort to create the most equitable and accessible experience possible. During this “listening tour,” we have heard brilliant and beautiful ideas about how to accomplish this and have met many individuals who are eager to explore this topic in more depth.

We welcome anyone invested in design, community organizing, city planning, and social justice to be part of a collective visioning as to how projects like ours can do better at offering more equitable access to opportunity for architects and artists.

During the session and beyond, we will use multiple methods of gathering and sharing the collected ideas and experiences in the hopes of impacting other projects as well.

Co-sponsored by The Projects Group.

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