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Take the 2023 REC of GFW Member Survey TODAY!

As a valued member of the Real Estate Commercial of Greater Fort Worth community, your insights and expertise are instrumental in our growth and continuous improvement. As we set our sights on the future, we are in the process of developing our next strategic plan. We invite you to share your feedback through a brief survey to ensure that our approach aligns with your needs, aspirations, and vision for our association.

Our three cornerstone focus areas are:

  • Expanding Relationships – Through REC of GFW, we strive to create spaces where connections flourish and tomorrow’s leaders emerge.

  • Addressing Development Challenges – Together, we acknowledge the intricacies of our field, and we’re committed to devising and executing effective solutions in collaboration with our partners.

  • Addressing Community Challenges – Beyond business, we're deeply invested in tackling community challenges, ensuring long-term job growth, and uplifting the quality of life in Fort Worth, Arlington, and Tarrant County.

We genuinely value your thoughts on our performance in these areas and where you believe our efforts should be concentrated in the coming years.

The survey will take approximately 5 minutes, and your responses will remain confidential. We encourage you to participate by October 24, 2023.

Your feedback will influence our strategic direction and strengthen our collective voice as we continue to champion the interests of the commercial real estate community in the region.

Together, we can shape a vibrant future for REC of GFW, and, by extension, the communities of Fort Worth, Arlington, and Tarrant County. Your contribution to this planning process is not just appreciated—it's essential.


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