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Thanks to Our PAC Contributors

Thanks to the REC Members who attended our first PAC Fundraiser.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 for this election cycle to support the upcoming City Council election, various bond elections, and the Commissioners Court elections. We have a generous donor who has offered to match the contributions we raise! Please consider contributing today to help us reach our goal!

The funds that you help us raise do go to candidates we support, but they also help REC push issues of importance forward as well -- things like support for the 2022 City of Fort Worth Bond Package. The Public Affairs Committee meets monthly with elected officials and city staff members to help make development better and easier to do in Fort Worth, Arlington, and Tarrant County. They are currently reviewing Transportation Impact Fees and looking at ways this tool could be used to promote commercial development. Another issue they are focused on is ways to make development easier to do in Fort Worth -- a lofty goal, for sure. Every other year, REC conducts a citizens' voter survey to determine issues we should tackle. Currently, we are looking at the economic impact the development community makes on Tarrant County and what revenues are lost when delays occur. Your support of the PAC helps push these issues forward even more. Thanks for considering a donation.

Please be advised that it is illegal for a political Action Committee (PAC) to accept any funds from a corporation or an entity that is part of a corporation. Please ensure we follow the law. If you have a question about contributing to our PAC, please contact us. Political advertising paid for by the Greater Fort Worth Real Estate Council PAC.

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