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The 400 Most Influential People in Fort Worth in 2023

Did you know that the REC of GFW has 52 members who are considered to be among the 400 Most Influential People in Fort Worth by Fort Worth Inc. Magazine?

Congratulations to the following dedicated members who work to influence action and support change to enhance the quality of life in Fort Worth!


Lori Baldock - Simmons Bank

Mark Drennan - Southside Bank

Daniel Herron - Happy State Bank

Martin Noto - Inwood National Bank

Charlie Powell - Ciera Bank


Robert Allen - Fort Worth Economic Development Partnership

Mike Brennan - Near Southside

Michelle Green Ford - Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber Of Commerce

Megan Henderson - Near Southside

Stacy Marshall - Southeast Fort Worth

Robert Sturns - City of Fort Worth

Andy Taft - Downtown Fort Worth

Mitch Whitten - Visit Fort Worth


Kenneth Barr - Barr Consulting Group

Michael Flynn - Southland Property Tax Consultants

Chris Gavras - The Chris Gavras Group

Veronica Law - Brackett & Ellis

Brian Newby - Cantey Hanger LLP


Michael Bennett - Bennett Partners

Scot Bennett - The Beck Group

Mike Berry - Hillwood Development Company

Andrew Blake - Presidio Interests

Todd Burnette - JLL

Bill Burton - Hillwood Development Company

Johnny Campbell - City Center

Travis Clegg - Peloton Land Solutions

Mark Dabney - BOKA Powell

Tom Galbreath - Dunaway Associates L.P.

Sloan Harris - VLK Architects

Dak Hatfield - Hatfield Advisors

Bradley Hickman - Hickman Investments Ltd.

Sarah LanCarte - LanCarte Commercial

Isaac Manning - Trinity Works

Jessica Miller Essl - M2G Ventures

Terry Montesi - Trademark Property Company

Paxton Motheral - Cassco Development Co.

Zach Muckleroy - Muckleroy & Falls

Rosa Navejar - The Rios Group

Will Northern - Northern Crain Realty

Scott Price - Fort Construction

Brent Sparks - HKS Inc.


Ian Kinne - Hillwood Development Company


Robert Ahdieh - Texas A&M University School Of Law


Elizabeth Beck - City of Fort Worth

Gyna Bivens - City of Fort Worth

Alan Blaylock - City of Fort Worth

David Cooke - City of Fort Worth

Michael Crain - City of Fort Worth

Carlos Flores - City of Fort Worth

Chris Nettles - City of Fort Worth

Mattie Parker - City of Fort Worth


Chris Cobler - Fort Worth Report

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