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The REC of GFW 2021 Voter Survey

The results are in! Download the PDF to see the results of the 2021 Voter Survey.

REC of GFW 2021 Voter Survey
Download PDF • 292KB

Be sure to check out the findings of this comprehensive survey, and draw your own conclusions about how the city of Fort Worth is responding to the pertinent issues and topics of our time.

Our Objectives:

  • To assess how voters feel about the direction of Fort Worth and the responsiveness of city government, and to measure voters' approval of the city’s response to the COVID pandemic.

  • To measure voter support for various tax proposals and incentives, and to assess how voters regard mobility issues and development-related policies and regulations.

  • To determine how voters view the Fort Worth ISD, and to gauge support for how to fund the Panther Island Water Project.


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