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2023 City of Fort Worth May 6 General Election

Key Election Dates:

What Fort Worth District am I in?

As a result of redistricting, many residents will be voting in a new Council District in 2023. There are several ways you can verify your district:

Am I registered to vote?

To confirm your voter registration status, you may visit the Texas Secretary of State’s “Am I Registered?” portal. Use your driver’s license # and birthdate to check your:

  • Voter registration status

  • Poll location

  • Early voting locations

  • Registration information

  • Key Election Dates

Where do I vote?

Early Voting Locations

Registered and eligible voters may vote at any early voting location in their county of residence. Early voting locations will appear on “My Voter Portal” two days before the first day of early voting.

Election Day Voting Locations - Tarrant County

On Election Day, Tarrant County registered voters can vote at any Vote Center location from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Vote Center locations are chosen by the entity holding the election (city, ISD, or county) and therefore are not always the same.

For election information and voting locations in other counties, please see the list at the bottom of the page.

Who is running for Fort Worth City Council?

Use the portal below to learn more about who is running for Fort Worth City Council.

You can also use the buttons to toggle between the different candidates.

Additional Resources


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