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Who is REC endorsing in the Fort Worth City Council Race?

In anticipation of the May 6 election, members of the REC of GFW PAC Committee conducted in-person and online candidate interviews. On April 20, our board voted on who they would endorse in the Fort Worth City Council Race as well as the race for TRWD board of directors and TCCD board of trustees.

Note - REC of GFW believes that the City Council District 11 race will end in a runoff. PAC Committee members will interview the top vote-getters after the election and make a recommendation prior to the run-off.

In Arlington, we have decided to meet with the winners after the election and tell them about REC of GFW so we can get to know them better and have them get to know us.

Below, you can find a list of who we have elected to endorse, as well as how candidates responded to our questionnaire.



Use the search and toggle buttons to toggle between different candidates and districts. Click on "Show Answers" to show the candidate's answers OR click on their picture to open their answers in a new tab.

NOTE - not all candidates have filled out the questionnaire. To view all candidates, click here.


For more information about the May 6 election, as well as who is running, click HERE.


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