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Fireside Chat with TCU School of Medicine Event Overview

Thank you to everyone who attended the Fireside Chat with TCU School of Medicine on July 13! Thank you to Scott Jones & Rick Jenkins for hosting us at Encore Bank!

What members had to say:

With an interactive teaching facility, designed with flexibility, augmented reality, pedestrian considerations in mind, the new med school is sure to attract and retain not only the next generations of physicians, but also innovative companies and jobs! In the words of Dr. Flynn, 'This is our opportunity!'

- Mary Michael Townsend, BOKA Powell

"This medical ecosystem, will serve to attract other related Pharma and Bio-Engineering companies to Fort Worth, TX"

- Connie Blake, Generational Designs

Read the Fort Worth Report Article

The Fort Worth Report Health reporter Alexis Allison outlined the school’s upcoming plans and an overview of what was learned at the event in this great article published on July 14.

Photos from the Fireside Chat

Below, you can see some photos from the evening's event!


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