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Fort Worth's New Economic Development Strategic Marketing Plan

An Example of an ad created by Schafer Advertising

Last week, Ken Schafer of Schafer Advertising spoke to the REC of GFW Board of Directors about the City of Fort Worth Economic Development Strategic Marketing Plan - a 3-year initiative produced by the City of Fort Worth Economic Development Team and the Fort Worth Local Development Corporation to elevate and expand awareness of Fort Worth in order to further economic development initiatives.

The initiative is concentrated in three areas:

  1. Establishing awareness and interest of Fort Worth’s viability as a city of choice for material commercial economic investment

  2. Becoming a hub for innovative business

  3. Ensuring community vitality

The plan identifies audiences and industries in both outer and local markets and various approaches for reaching these audiences.

Target audiences identified by Schafer Advertising

Schafer Advertising suggests that the way to target our key audience in both the local and outer markers is to emphasize Fort Worth's opportunity, innovation, prosperity, and growth.

Beyond strategically placed advertisements, a new website has been launched -

This website pulls together information about Fort Worth for companies seeking more information about what the community has to offer. We encourage you to check it out!


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