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Make Your PAC Contribution Today!

May the BEST Membership Category WIN!

It is that time of year -- time to start raising funds for the REC PAC so we can be prepared for election season. We have made a pivotal decision to begin getting more involved at the state level -- so this is an important fundraiser for us. (You can learn more about our past and where we are headed HERE).

Now, here's where you come in. We are launching an exciting contest to see which category of membership can bring in the most contributors! Let the challenge begin:

  • Founding/Sustaining Members: Can you rally all 151 of your members together and lead the way?

  • Full Members:  You are 231 members strong. Will you step up to the challenge and show your support?

  • Corporate Associates: The 32 of you are small but mighty -- what can you do to support the cause? 

  • Young Leaders: All 165 of you are our future -- will your enthusiasm and energy propel you to victory?

The winners will be recognized at our annual meeting on March 20, receiving well-deserved accolades and a special mention.

Your involvement, whether through donations or active engagement, will make a significant difference. Let's work together to strengthen our real estate community and ensure our industry's interests are well-represented at both the local and state levels.

Ready to jump in? You can donate right now using the link below, or you can download a contribution form and send in a check if you prefer).


Want to pay by check? Download this form and send it with your check.

PAC Contribution Form
Download PDF • 133KB

Thank you to the folks who have donated to the PAC!

Please be advised that it is illegal for a political Action Committee (PAC) to accept any funds from a corporation or an entity that is part of a corporation. Please ensure we follow the law. If you have a question about contributing to our PAC, please contact us. Political advertising paid for by the Greater Fort Worth Real Estate Council PAC.



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