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Support the REC PAC in 2024

Your Support Matters

As we step into 2024, we at the Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth (REC) have some exciting news and initiatives to share with you. Our mission to advocate for the real estate development profession, address important issues, and support candidates who truly understand our industry remains stronger than ever.

In 2008, the REC Board made a significant decision to create the Real Estate Council Political Action Committee (REC PAC). The driving force behind this decision was our recognition of the pivotal role played by the Fort Worth City Council and Tarrant County Commissioners Court in shaping the real estate landscape in our region. We believed, and still do, that supporting candidates who are well-informed, open-minded, and committed to real estate development, as well as vital issues like mobility and education, is essential for our community's growth and success.

Over the years, the REC and its PAC have interviewed local government candidates, provided financial and public support to those who have become exemplary public servants, and served as a valuable resource for these officials seeking insights into our industry.

Up until now, our PAC's focus has primarily been on local city and county candidates, with occasional contributions to bond elections and crime district renewal efforts. However, we are thrilled to announce a new chapter in our PAC's journey.

Starting in 2024, the REC PAC will extend its reach and actively engage in local state representative and state senate elections. This decision is motivated by two key factors. Firstly, your generous contributions to the PAC have steadily grown over the years, enabling us to expand our support to state-level races without compromising our commitment to local issues. Secondly, the Texas Legislature has increasingly taken center stage in deciding real estate matters, bypassing local decision-making processes. By becoming more involved in state elections, our PAC aims to amplify our collective voice in Austin and ensure our industry's concerns are heard and understood.

We are excited about the opportunities this expansion presents, and we invite each one of you to join us in this exciting journey. Your participation and support are essential to our success.

To kickstart our fundraising efforts for 2024, we have planned a series of "want to learn more" events where you can gain deeper insights into the role of our PAC and its impact on our community. We will also be hosting a friendly contest between our Young Leaders and Full and Founding/Sustaining members to see who can encourage more members to donate. Prizes await the categories with the highest participation!

Your involvement, whether through donations or active engagement, will make a difference. Let's work together to strengthen our real estate community and ensure our industry's interests are well-represented at both the local and state levels.

If you are already a believer in this mission, you can donate right now using the link below. (You can also download a contribution form and send in a check if you prefer). If you want more information, stay tuned for more details on our upcoming education events about how you can get involved. Together, we can build a brighter future for the real estate profession in Greater Fort Worth.

Thank you for your continued support, and here's to a successful year ahead!


Want to pay by check? Download this form and send it with your check.

PAC Contribution Form
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Please be advised that it is illegal for a political Action Committee (PAC) to accept any funds from a corporation or an entity that is part of a corporation. Please ensure we follow the law. If you have a question about contributing to our PAC, please contact us. Political advertising paid for by the Greater Fort Worth Real Estate Council PAC.



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