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City of Fort Worth Public Planning Session - April 18

We need your help to plan for the future of Fort Worth!

  • What would your Fort Worth be like in the year 2050?

  • How can we make Fort Worth an even better place to live, work, and play?

The City of Fort Worth wants you to help create the 2050 Comprehensive Plan. The plan will determine the goals, objectives, strategies, and policies to ensure a high quality of life for all members of the community. Join us at any of the public planning sessions listed below.

April 11 | 6p - 8p

@ Handley Meadowbrook Community Center

April 15 | 6p - 8p

@ Chisholm Trail Community Center

April 18 | 6p - 8p

@ Old City Hall

April 22 | 6p - 8p

@ Leo Adams Middle School 

April 25 | 6p - 8p

@ Riverside Community Center

April 29 | 6p - 8p


May 2nd | 6p - 8p

@ Victory Forest Community Center

May 6 | 6p - 8p

@ Arlington Heights High School

For more information on the plan and other engagement opportunities for the 2050 Comprehensive Plan, visit


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