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Photos from the February 22 Fireside Chat with Sean Donohue

Thank You for Attending the Fireside Chat with Sean Donohue!

Thank you to all the Full and Founding Members who joined us at Thompson's Bookstore on February 22 for the engaging Fireside Chat with Sean Donohue, CEO of DFW International Airport.

The evening was filled with insightful discussions as Sean Donohue, guided by moderator Joel Heydenburk, delved into the rich history and exciting future of DFW Airport. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, DFW has been a cornerstone of economic growth and global connectivity for the North Texas region. Sean shared the airport's impressive achievements, including becoming the second busiest airport globally for passengers and the third busiest for operations. Attendees were particularly inspired by DFW’s commitment to sustainability, aiming for net-zero carbon status by 2030.

Sean’s anecdotes and forward-looking vision provided a deeper understanding of DFW Airport's role as a major economic engine, supporting over 600,000 jobs and contributing significantly to the local and state economy. His reflections on DFW’s past, present, and future left us all with a renewed appreciation for this vital community asset.

Check out photos from the evening here -


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