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Use Your Voice and Shape the Future of Texas in the Nov 7 Election

As responsible citizens and key players in the vibrant real estate sector of our great community, your voice and your vote are crucial in shaping the future of our business landscape. Early voting for the November 7 Constitutional Amendments election has officially commenced, and we have a golden opportunity to make a significant impact. This election features 14 ballot propositions, several of which directly pertain to business operations.

Resources for Understanding the 14 Ballot Propositions:

  • The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce: 9 of the 14 ballot propositions have an impact on how Texans do business. The Fort Worth Chamber highlights the pro-business aspects of the November 7 Constitutional Amendments election.

  • The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: An Article on each of the propositions, what they mean, and the context behind them.

  • Texas Legislative Council: The nonpartisan legislative agency is tasked with analyzing bills to help lawmakers and their staff. On their website. the council has an in-depth guide on all of the proposed amendments, including arguments made for and against the various measures.

  • League of Women Voters of Texas: The League of Women voters of Texas has released its voter guide, which offers overviews of the amendments, arguments for and against them and information on the voting process. The guide is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and simple Chinese.

  • Ballotpedia: A self described “digital encyclopedia of American politics,” Ballotpedia has breakdowns of the 14 propositions, including lawmaker vote breakdowns and links out to primary sources for those wanting to dig deeper.

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