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We Are Thanking City Manager Cooke -- Who Do You Want to Thank?

Thank you notes are important and everyone loves hearing about what a great job they are doing. On February 9, 2024, City Manager Cooke hosted the second annual City Manager's Forum. There were over 175 members of the development community and City Staff members working together to improve the development environment for everyone involved. We want to recognize that embracing a problem-solving culture, recognizing and promoting talent, and reorganizing the structure across multiple departments impacting development are each very significant undertakings. We would like to thank the City Manager and all City Staff for their hard work and recognized progress on these ambitious goals.

Below is our thank you note. Now who are you going to thank? Is there someone you have been working with a City Hall? If they have done a great job for you, send a thank you note to City Manager Cooke and he will make sure that person is recognized for going above and beyond for their work at City Hall.


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